I've had the pleasure of working with so many lovely female entrepreneurs and small businesses over the years.

Every business is different and will require different assets but one thing ALL businesses need is a strong brand identity design and beautiful photography that fits with their brand.

Here is a selection of some of the projects I've worked on for my clients.

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vanilla spice cake studio

Brand Identity Design

Averil wanted something modern and luxurious to reflect her beautiful bespoke cake designs. Specialising in beautifully handmade sugar flowers with a particular love for orchids I wanted to make sure these were also included in the brand identity. The colour palette included a deep aubergine, navy and soft neutral with silver foil accents. The flowers were all hand illustrated by me to give Averil a completely unique and elegant brand identity design.

It was the best investment I've made and one of the best experiences I've had. I have the most gorgeous brand from the logo to the font and colour scheme. I love everything about it. I am more confident in my brand and my business.
the whole process was clear and easy and Jacquie immediately put me at ease. By the time we got to the design phase I felt that Jacquie really understood my business and what I wanted to achieve for it.
I am no longer unsure of presenting my business to people as the brand reflects what I want.

words from the client ...

averil - vanilla spice cake studio

cocoa & silk

Brand Identity & stationery Design

When I had an in person consultation with Jaina to discuss her new baking business it was so clear Jaina was all about the details and her beautiful cakes and sweet treats really stood out from others in the industry. Jaina wanted something a bit different with a luxurious feel with gold details and colour pops since many of her creations were brightly coloured (and reflect Jaina's bubbly personality!)
The brand identity design was modern with the fuchsia pink, canary yellow and golds which became the signature colours for Cocoa & Silk!
For the business cards I designed these to be kept minimal in design but with the gold hot foil printing of the logo onto the bright pink, yellow and a grey colour option it really encapsulated Jaina's brand personality perfectly! The notecards were printed with the same hot foil print finish with a quote onto white and grey cards to balance with the rest of the brand identity design. An absolute dream project to work on!

I have been privileged enough to work with Jacquie to create a brand identity and logos for my baking business. The entire process was a dream from start to finish, and it was so easy to freely speak with Jacquie and get her advice on all of the little details as well as the larger decisions. She understood my vision and style from a mere 10 minute conversation and the first proof I received so perfectly encapsulated me and the brief that only a few minor edits were required, It was magical! Jacquie genuinely made the whole process so much easier with her lovely and friendly nature and I truly look forward to working with her again soon. Thank you so much!

words from the client ...

jaina - cocoa & silk

bokkie foods

Brand Identity design & personal brand shoot

Claire had an established business as a South African street food and event catering business but she really wanted to create a stronger brand that would reflect a more premium look and feel whilst still having a relaxed and fun vibe.
The old branding was the typical bright African colours but lacked the full brand identity design that was needed. So we went for a more muted colour palette with tribal patterns and pops of colour with the green and yellow to keep the fun and lively elements to the branding,
As well as the brand identity design I worked with Claire for her personal brand photoshoot where we used these colours and textures to create a gallery of images that really took Bokkie Foods to the next level!

Amazing from the outset! Now i have a professional brand identity and images that all fit together to take my business to the next level. From the brand identity session, to working with me to create my new brand, to the photography session. I felt that Jacquie really listened to where I was looking to take my business, at times asked questions to draw information out of me that I hadn't really thought about and delivered an amazing experience, brand identity and photography.

words from the client ...

claire - bokkie foods

sue hurst cake design

Brand Identity Design

Specialising in modern, elegant and beautifully detailed cakes, Sue's branding needed to have a big impact and really create that luxury brand feel to reflect her stunning cakes. The colours needed to be striking and elegant but not the typical wedding colours so we used a more muted colour palette with taupe and a muted pink.grey with the deeper navy which was teamed with the gold foil to create that beautiful luxurious feel. The geometric detail reflected the modern cake designs Sue loves to work on and this GORGEOUS font was an absolute winner with the modern and elegant, yet slightly alternative style.

Amazing! Amazingly talented lady. With my new branding came a whole new amount of confidence.
I am very hard to please... I am the first to admit I am not the easiest person to work with, but Jacquie was absolutely amazing.
I was totally spellbound by the whole experience. my Instagram grid has totally transformed! Totally worth every penny.

words from the client ...

sue - sue hurst cake design

wild bee cake design

Brand Identity Design & mentoring

An exciting project for a brand new business - Lisa came to me looking for the essential brand identity design assets and support with setting up her new cake design business. As a perfectionist Lisa wanted to take the time to get things right from the get go, from the visual identity to the packaging for her postal order sweet treats.
Being inspired by the outdoors, Lisa spends a lot of time getting ideas and working on cake design sketches in the garden, with a love for bees and beautiful florals - this relaxed, calm and nature inspired aesthetic needed to be followed through to the brand identity design. Combining flowing script fonts, a soft colour palette and bee illustrations gave just the right relaxed feel, with the addition of gold details to reflect Lisa's high quality, luxury cakes.

Jacquie is absolutely fantastic to work with! Jacquie somehow managed to take all the ideas and images that were in my head and create the most beautiful branding. Jacquie took the time to find out exactly what my business is all about and as a result I have a complete brand that fits my business perfectly and is more than a simple logo. I'd highly recommend Jacquie at Bailey & Roo. 

words from the client ...

lisa - wild bee cake design

cakes in bloom

Brand Identity Design

Giulia really wanted to create a more luxurious brand for her business to reflect her style of whimsical, modern and textured cakes. The branding needed to work for her wedding cakes as well as for her celebration cakes, dessert tables and sugar flowers but texture was a key element that needed to be featured in the branding.
Using a deep emerald green teamed with copper and the palest of mint shades the colour palette really reflected the style of cakes Giulia wanted to produce more of. The brand identity design featured circular shapes and textured copper floral illustrations to reflect Giulia's love for floral finishes on her creations!

Jacquie is so helpful, kind, professional and respectful. The quality of her work is excellent, and her branding advice is priceless.
I have learnt so much about creating a great brand experience and really honing in on what I want my brand to represent.

words from the client ...

giulia - cakes in bloom

lib's aromatherapy

Brand Identity Design, product photography, stationery design & 1:1 mentoring

Libby is a true perfectionist in what she does! Wanting everything to be just perfect for her customers we worked together for several months on her brand identity, stationery design, product photography and also in the mentoring sessions to help elevate her brand.
Specialising in aromatherapy oils and gifts the branding needed to be relaxed, calming, approachable yet still luxurious. With the beautiful muted colour palette in neutral tones and duck egg this not only reflected the style and ethos of Libby's brand but also her personality too.

Jacquie is amazing! She's so professional, skilled and knowledgeable in what she does and has done amazing things with my new brand design. Her advice on photography and branding, etc, was so informative and it was very comforting listening to all of her knowhow. I know I'm a creative person, I love putting things together, making things and decorating things, but I know I'm a perfectionist and I always want things to be perfect, but people who know me personally would say I am very critical of myself, critical with the things I make, sometimes unconfident and always think something should be better. She made me realise it's ok to be a perfectionist and want things the best they can be. It's a good trait to have to bring the best to your customers and it's something they will appreciate when they see the love and care that goes into the brand. What Jacquie did was far beyond what I expected. I'm loving my brand now in all avenues, she gave me more inspiration to do things a different way and I will never forget it.
Thank you Jacquie, you've helped me in more ways than you realise.

words from the client ...

libby - lib's aromatherapy

the honey bee wedding cake company

Brand Identity Design & 1:1 website design support

Lauren had an existing brand identity design that she was happy with but since her ideal client had changed and she wanted to focus on a different style of wedding client a rebrand was needed to give The Honey Bee Wedding Cake Company a whole new look!
The design needed to be modern and luxurious with a darker more moody colour palette to reflect Lauren's love for the high end London weddings. The design needed to feature a bee and hexagon detailing (and oh how I love these two details together!!). To give everything a more modern and slightly edgy look I kept with the geometric details for the bee illustration and the colour palette featured a dark emerald green with the gold foil branding. Lauren also opted to have a 1:1 session with me to help her to update her own Wordpress website with the new branding and adjust the layout to better suit her new style.

My experience literally couldn't have been better. Jacquie has a real knack of getting right down into your brand and ideal client and had such fabulous ideas.
She worked quickly and responded to everything I asked in a professional and friendly manner. It honestly was an amazing experience.
I've since recommended Jacquie to a number of my clients and they've all said the same.

words from the client ...

lauren - the honey bee wedding cake company

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