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My experience literally couldn't have been better. jacquie has a real knack of getting right down into your brand and ideal client and had such fabulous ideas.

Jacquie has a real knack of getting right down into your brand and ideal client and had such fabulous ideas. She worked quickly and responded to everything i asked in a professional and friendly manner. it honestly was an amazing experience.
I've since recommended Jacquie to a number of my clients and they've all said the same.

Jacquie is amazing! She's so professional, skilled and knowledgeable in what she does and has done amazing things with my new brand design

 I know I'm a creative person, I love putting things together, making things and decorating things, but I know I'm a perfectionist and I always want things to be perfect, She made me realise it's ok to be a perfectionist and want things the best they can be. It's a good trait to have to bring the best to your customers and it's something they will appreciate when they see the love and care that goes into the brand.
Jacquie had said initially that I'd already done really well for someone just starting up their business, and that with some tweaking it can be better. But what she did was far beyond what I expected. I'm loving my brand now in all avenues, she gave me more inspiration to do things a different way and I will never forget it. Thank you Jacquie, you've helped me in more ways than you realise.

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jacquie has made me feel more confident about my brand through creating the brand identity design 

Jacquie was extremely flexible and worked around us, nothing was too much to ask for and she listened to our thoughts and provided feedback and guidance in all the right places!

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it was one of the best experiences i've had. i have the most gorgeous brand from the logo to the font and colour scheme. i love everything about it. i am more confident in my brand and my business

The whole process was clear and easy and Jacquie immediately put me at ease. by the time we got to the design phase i felt that Jacquie really understood my business and what i wanted to achieve for it.
i am no longer unsure of presenting my business to people as the brand reflects what i want.

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amazing from the outset. now i have professional images and brand identity that all fit together to take my business to the next level.

From the brand identity session, to working with me to create my new brand, to the photography session. i felt that jacquie really listened to where i was looking to take my business, at times asked questions to draw information out of me that i hadn't really thought about and delivered an amazing experience, brand identity and photography.

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amazing! totally worth every penny. amazingly talented lady.
with my new branding came a whole new amount of confidence.

I am very hard to please... I am the first to admit i am not the easiest person to work with, but Jacquie was absolutely amazing.
I was totally spellbound by the whole experience. my instagram grid has totally transformed and i haven't even used everything yet. Jacquie filled me with confidence that she would be able to deliver.

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an amazing confidence boost and i no longer feel embarrassed to say my business name. it was a great experience.

Although i haven't yet formally released my full rebrand and logo, I've already seen a huge increase in sales and received lots of lovely comments on my packaging which I've never had before.

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The entire process was a dream from start to finish. it was magical! 

I have been privileged enough to work with Jacquie over the past few weeks to create a brand identity and logos for my new baking business. it was so easy to freely speak with Jacquie and get her advice on all of the little details as well as the larger decisions. She understood my vision and style from a mere 10 minute conversation and the first proof I received so perfectly encapsulated me and the brief that only a few minor edits were required, it was magical! Jacquie genuinely made the whole process so much easier with her lovely and friendly nature and I truly look forward to working with her again soon. Thank you so much!

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The world is my oyster with my beautiful branding and website

I cannot thank Jacquie enough. She made such a big thing so easy. Never in a million years did I think I would be where I am today. The world is my oyster with my beautiful branding and website. Jacquie made the whole process so easy from start to finish. From the first zoom call she completely understood what I wanted in the way of branding. From the complete re branding to creating a fantastic website which I am receiving regular client contact and requests from to consistent branding throughout my business. The whole process was clear and straight forward which meant I enjoyed it!

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