It's lovely to meet you...

I'm so happy you're here!

Since you're here, I wanted to tell you a bit about who the heck I am, my journey and what kind of person I am - because it's SO important you have a connection with your mentor to know you're on the same page!

I started my own business 20 years ago - fast forward to today and I have grown multiple brands, have achieved multiple award wins, been featured in multiple publications and I now empower other entrepreneurs to build a brand they love, that's completely aligned to who they are, their mission/purpose/values/vision.

I am a brand strategist, mentor, and designer driven by a deep passion to empower female entrepreneurs to emerge as leaders in their field so they can be known not just for what they do, but who they are.

hey, I'm Jacquie

my mission:

to empower success driven & passionate entrepreneurs to own their awesomeness, unleash their inner powerhouse and stand out as their authentic self with a fully aligned magnetic brand they love.
when you love your brand, inside & out - so will your perfect fit clients!

it's your business, showcased in the best way.
it's more than for just today. it's for tomorrow.
and            day after that.


Like Liam Neeson...I have very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. 20 years in fact! Building a magnetic brand isn't just about the visuals, or the strategy, or the personal development, or the messaging. It's an entire combination of all of these elements!

A cocktail if you will. What makes me different as a personal brand mentor is I have BEEN a creative content producer and director in all areas of the brand content world. Photography, videography, branding, websites, print & graphics. So not only do I bring the messaging & strategy expertise - it really is the full shabang of brand building know how that means I can support my clients with levelling up across all areas of their brand.

why work with me?

the full shabang of brand building!

When I sign a new client, you're not just a client. Because I ensure my clients are the right fit (because this is super important!), my clients become friends. I genuinely care about each and every one of my clients and I WANT you to succeed! 

let's be friends

I like to keep things simple. You won't hear me using complicated jargon! One of the things my mentoring clients say when they work with me is how simple I made everything when explaining some of the more complex parts of brand building. Jargon is NOT my thing!

no jargon here!

your journey begins here....

I mean, I think this is pretty obvious with the name but The Brand Happiness Mentor kinda sums up what you can expect from working with me! I'm an energetic, fun, bubbly, slightly scatty but still professional mentor. When youre building your brand - it SHOULD be fun! It's an exciting time when you're going through this kind of shift and level up! SO I like to think I bring the energy & excitement!
And hey, when everything is done - we get to have a party to celebrate your launch with a bang!

an injection of happiness & fun

Your brand isn't just a logo;
it's your legacy in the making.

what my clients say


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