New Beginnings

It’s here!

As you may know over the last few months I’ve been busy working away on my own branding which has included a shiny new website which has just launched!

This is an exciting milestone for Bailey & Roo, especially being a brand and web designer, to not have my own website out there has felt a little odd to say the least (I’m always saying you don’t need to have a website to shout about your business and services BUT as a brand and web designer having one is kind of essential!).

So here it is, my beautiful new website which has been designed and built by the amazing Becky Lord (thank your Becky!). I had lots of ideas for the website and I wanted to make it as user friendly as possible so I hope you love it too! It’s the start of a new beginning for Bailey & Roo and I’m so excited for the future where I can help other female entrepreneurs elevate their brand through design and photography.

We are in unprecedented times at the moment. All businesses are having to adapt to the changes COVID-19 has had on the world. Amongst the doom and gloom there has been A LOT of positivity too. Family and friends have been connecting via video calls to stay in touch and many are speaking far more than they were before COVID-19. Business owners are thinking outside the box and coming up with new ways of getting customers and offering their services. Many people are setting up their own businesses which they probably won’t have done before. We’ve clapped for carers, shopped for others, had parties and celebrations online or outside (abiding by the social distancing rules!).

I’ve been helping lots of female entrepreneurs think about their brand with challenges and live sessions on various topics in my free Facebook group Curate Your Brand including identifying your ideal client. It’s been the best time to really take a step back and look at your business. How you run, your services, products, branding and photography.

As a brand designer and photographer, I’ve loved passing on my knowledge and tips to other business owners. I’ve seen so many of my group members really improve their product photography with my free challenges and the feedback from my ideal client challenge has been incredible!

Truly understanding your ideal client is one of THE most important things in any business. Many of the members I have helped were trying to appeal to too many people at once which creates a confusing brand. You need to really know your ideal client to offer the products they want/like/need and present them in the way that will attract them.

How well do you know your ideal client? If you’ve never done this exercise come on into my free Facebook group and head to the ideal client challenge to get started!

I’m excited to see my clients and members get back to business as normal. I feel like everyone is going to really come back fighting after this! This may have been a really tough time for you and your business but your clients are out there, they’re ready and waiting FOR YOU!

So, until we can get back to business as usual, show up and be visible to those clients!

If you need help with your branding and want to get an expert opinion, head to my mentoring page or just get in touch to find out how I can help you.

Jacquie x