you're ready to uplevel your business with a

new look?


you've perfected your skills for creating your've invested in training, memberships & courses to learn the business essentials... you've got your prices right (more or less)... you know your ideal client... you're starting to get known for your niche now... but  your current branding just isn't saying 'luxury' at all
so you're feeling a little....'unpolished'.

sound familiar?? 

let's chat,
because it's time for a brand makeover

THE BRAND MAKEOVER is the ultimate rebranding experience with all of your visual branding needs catered for in one place.


THE BRAND MAKEOVER is for you if ...

...your current branding is looking a bit tired or you've been making do with a DIY logo and you're ready to build a luxury brand want to create a luxury brand experience for your clients at every touchpoint want to attract higher paying clients who are the perfect fit for you and your brand (and aren't going to expect you to offer a discount to work with them!) need the full works! (branding, website, beautiful stationery or packaging & a gallery of scroll stopping imagery) want to work with someone who shares your passion for building a high end experience (& a love for dogs & cake!) know the importance of good branding and the power it has to completely transform your business!

(I see you nodding!!)

scroll on down,,,


Brand identity design (logo designs, colour palette, patterns, icons, graphics, submarks - the whole shabang!)

A bespoke Showit website design thats PERFECT for your brand.

A brand photoshoot to give you a whole gallery of beautiful images to reflect your brand aesthetic (either a remote product shoot with me or in person shoot with one of my preferred personal brand photographers if I'm unavailable - subject to where you're based)

Branded stationery design of up to 3 single card designs such as business cards, gift vouchers, menus, posters and compliment cards (print costs not included) - if you'd love to chat about other options such as brochures, just let me know!

so, your branding, website, imagery and stationery sorted?
if that sounds like exactly what you need, scroll on down!


Investing in your branding not only...
transforms your business, gives you a HUGE amount of confidence in your brand AND allows you to attract those dream clients FAR more's also something that (if done right!) will last your business for years before you might want to look at a freshen up should your business take a different direction or your services/products change.

bespoke brand identity design plus a new website that's perfect for you!


from £6500*  /  $7865

*Monthly payment plans available on all packages