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With 2 decades of expertise in brand content creation, 8 years in business growth and strategy as a multi award winning entrepreneur - I'm here to support you with scaling your business with a next level brand that sets you apart from your competitors and makes you a dream client magnet!

I am a brand strategist, mentor, and designer driven by a deep passion to empower success driven entrepreneurs to emerge as leaders in their field and craft a life overflowing with abundance.

hey, I'm Jacquie

my mission:

to help you cultivate a brand that goes beyond aesthetics.

I believe in unlocking your true potential, transforming your business into a magnet for abundance, impact, and a lasting legacy that allows you to live a life of freedom in all forms.

it's your business, showcased in the best way.
it's more than for just today. it's for tomorrow.
and              day after that.


While based in the UK, the B&R influence knows no boundaries. I collaborate with trailblazing women from every corner of the globe, empowering them to redefine success on their terms.
With a team of trusted freelancers around the world I am able to transform my clients' branding through every aspect of the brand level up.

why choose bailey & roo?

global impact

This isn't just a design service - it's a complete brand level up! We start working on the foundations that form a strong, magnetic personal brand. That's YOU! The inner work, strategy, vision and mission are key components to work on before any design gets started! I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way.

mentoring for success

For 6 and 7-figure business leaders and trailblazers ready to dominate their industry, the full rebrand makeover is your ticket to brand supremacy. From branding and website design to captivating sales pages and ongoing social media & brand content creation, Bailey & Roo offers a comprehensive package that includes it all.

rebrand in style

your journey begins here....

Your brand isn't just a logo;
it's your legacy in the making.

"The entire process was a dream from start to finish"

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jaina patel

"I have been privileged enough to work with Jacquie to create a brand identity and logos for my baking business It was so easy to freely speak with Jacquie and get her advice on all of the little details as well as the larger decisions. She understood my vision and style from a mere 10 minute conversation and the first proof I received so perfectly encapsulated me and the brief that only a few minor edits were required, It was magical! Jacquie genuinely made the whole process so much easier with her lovely and friendly nature and I truly look forward to working with her again soon. Thank you so much!"

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