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Whether you need help improving your DIY website, planning for the perfect photoshoot or general tips for building a luxury brand, I've got you covered with my easy to follow guides.

with over 20 years of expertise in creative content i'm sharing my top tips to help you uplevel your brand.

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8 ways to scale your business

Scaling your business WITHOUT increasing your workload. 

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how to build a luxury brand experience

Tips for how to build a luxury experience for your clients through every touchpoint.

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new business brand kickstarter

Are you a recently qualified coach? Just starting up your new consultancy? Looking to get those first few clients for your creative business?
Start building your brand today!

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5 steps to getting your next dream client

If you're in the mode of 'waiting' for that next are 5 things you can do today to get those dream, perfect fit clients booking!

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your brand. the b&r brand experience.

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"Jacquie is amazing! She's so professional, skilled and knowledgeable in what she does"


libby schembri

"Jacquie has done amazing things with my new brand design. Her advice on photography and branding, etc, was so informative and it was very comforting listening to all of her knowhow. I know I'm a creative person, I love putting things together, making things and decorating things, but I know I'm a perfectionist and I always want things to be perfect, but people who know me personally would say I am very critical of myself, critical with the things I make, sometimes unconfident and always think something should be better. She made me realise it's ok to be a perfectionist and want things the best they can be. It's a good trait to have to bring the best to your customers and it's something they will appreciate when they see the love and care that goes into the brand. What Jacquie did was far beyond what I expected. I'm loving my brand now in all avenues, she gave me more inspiration to do things a different way and I will never forget it.
Thank you Jacquie, you've helped me in more ways than you realise.."

what my clients say

"Jacquie is absolutely incredible at what she does. She is so intuitive when it comes to understanding what a client is looking for"


fiona minnett

"Oh my gosh, where to start. In the last couple of months, Jacquie has created two beautiful brand identities for me: one for a podcast I launched this month and the other for a new business partnership. She made the whole process effortless with how on the ball and focussed she was and I have two brand identities that I am absolutely obsessed with and totally matched and surpassed the brief given. I genuinely could not recommend her enough!"

"I have learnt so much about creating a great brand experience and really honing in on what I want my brand to represent"


Giulia O'Lorey

"Jacquie is so helpful, kind, professional and respectful. The quality of her work is excellent, and her branding advice is priceless."

"I had so many lightbulb moments"

Jennifer Keelan

"I took part in Jacquie's "Curate Your Brand" training course and what can I say it was just fab! I had so many lightbulb moments throughout the week regarding both my brand photography and logo, both of which I am now going to update! Not only is Jacquie great at what she does, she is lovely and so down to earth too! I'm so glad that I came across her, and really appreciate everything that I've gained from it!"


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