Time for a rebrand…but why?

Hey lovely!

So you may have already heard the big news that yes I am indeed rebranding at the moment. The reason for this post isn’t to talk about the actual rebrand itself (in terms of design anyway) but actually to talk about my reason
why I’ve made the decision to rebrand.

So here goes!

I’ve worked in product branding for over 15 years and after my mat leave ended with my first bambino I wasn’t able to return to the 9-5 I loved (but that’s a whole other story), so within a few months I decided to set up my own design studio, specialising in wedding stationery and brand design for creative female entrepreneurs.

Long story short, just over a year ago (so 3 years into my own business), I missed the photography side of my creative career and so Bailey & Roo was born! When I first launched B&R I specialised in food and flatlay photography and set up my Facebook group to help other creatives learn how to improve their own product photos themselves.

Fast forward just 9 months and I had a shiny new website to not only offer the photography, but to bring the brand design over from my wedding stationery business to Bailey & Roo to become a one stop shop for the creative assets required to create a brand.


I have always loved my branding (and still do!) and whilst I tell all of my product based clients that they are not their business, for me as a service based business I AM my business so it’s important my personality is reflected in my branding.


However, during the global pandemic and after being in full on mum mode as well as running two businesses I realised something. I kind of forgot who I was as a person. What makes me ME. I know what I like and what reflects my interests and style of things I like, but after having my girls I became mum and boss lady and sort of lost who Jacquie was.


So, after working with some life and business coaches over the last few weeks/months I’ve been doing lots more work on not only my work/life balance but also my ME/life balance.

Anyone who knows me will say I’m bubbly, energetic, slightly loopy, cheeky, enthusiastic, bouncy, creative, obsessed with dogs (dog people are my kind of people!) and happy. Yet this isn’t reflected in my branding so I guess whilst I love my brand, there’s been a lot of change in my business as well as myself over the last year.


So, time for a freshen up. Time to bring some more me into my branding.


I advise all of my clients to review their branding regularly because we all change. As humans as well as our businesses adapting. This is a good thing! It’s important that you continue to check in with who you’re wanting to attract by reviewing your ideal client profile and looking at your branding to make sure it reflects what you’re all about.


I’ve let go of some things I love over the last week but all to ensure I have the perfect work/life/ME balance that I want so they’ve been the right decision for me and my business.


I’m excited to take you on my rebrand journey with me!


Jacquie x