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your next level 6 fig business masterclass series


Next steps when you have a desire for more


It’s no secret that I am always looking to push myself to those next level goals. If you listen to my podcast, Becoming A Powerhouse Brand, or if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know this! For many entrepreneurs, they run a business to make some money and so they have more flexibility. For me […]

Let’s talk about high ticket / investment offers

high ticket-personal-brand-service-provider-business-coach-mentor-rebrand-leadership-creative-entrepreneur

Selling high ticket IS NOT being greedy, ripping people off or overcharging! Let’s be clear for a second…. You NEED to know what you’re talking about, have experience and know you can actually provide the service you are selling! I HAVE seen people sell high ticket services but just not deliver what was promised. Leaving […]

Do you really want a balanced lifestyle as an entrepreneur?


OK this is something that I’ve definitely had wrong most of my journey as an entrepreneur. I used to think I wanted a balanced lifestyle but actually what I’ve come to realise is that what I actually want is an unbalanced life! I’m here for the freedom to make memories and to do the things […]

So how do you scale your 6 figure business? What’s that next level?

YOUR 6 FIGURE BUSINESS SUCCESS the masterclass series

OK so I say 6 figures – the thing is, when you’ve hit that next level goal you once had, it’s the same principle for any level up. How on earth do you take things further? How do you level up when you’ve already, well er, levelled up?! So firstly, what have you currently achieved? […]

Are you laser focused on that end goal?


Do you have laser focus on your vision? That end goal? The desired outcome for your business? Ok maybe you know what that vision is but are you laser focused on the path that’s going to get you there? Or are you weaving in and off that path with shiny object distractions? (No judgement here […]

New Episode: Finding Your Tribe

After the crazy week of incredible events, networking and making new connections I’ve ended up being a few days late with this episode recording – BUT there was a reason for this delayed upload…. I knew that this week was going to be hugely transformational for me and I really wanted to share an episode […]

Stepping into the next level…


So I’m marking today as a new Day 1 for me. Now for anyone that’s been in my world for a while you may wonder why exactly today is so important. In actual fact, today is no different to any other Monday but it is the first day of the week after attending an amazing […]

New episode : Life at nearly 38 and the game changing morning routine

being a full time mother business owner entrepreneur and the morning routine that works

I’m turning 38 in two days…here’s what I’ve discovered about myself during my 30s… You CANNOT fill from an empty cup. If results aren’t coming and all your energy goes into hustling, you’ll just end up feeling burnt out & those big goals will likely remain goals rather than achievements. Your hormones have A LOT […]

Instagram vs TikTok – which is best for boosting visibility?


TikTok vs Instagram…should you be using them? Which one is best for your business visibility? ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ There’s been a lot of frustration in the entrepreneurial world lately with Instagram and I must admit…I get it. As a platform, Instagram has been odd to say the least! Things I’ve noticed on Instagram lately… – […]

New episode: Selling High Ticket with Christina Welty


Selling high ticket scalable offers is something I’m hugely passionate about so when I connected with Christina Welty over on the gram earlier this year I just HAD to invite her along for a guest episode on my podcast! Christina is an expert in helping women develop the confidence to sell one high ticket offer […]

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