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your next level 6 fig business masterclass series


Anyone is a brand & website designer, until they do it


I feel like it’s been a while since I talked about branding and websites…this year has seen an increase in business owners looking to scale by working more on the business strategy side of things (well, for me anyway!). That said, your brand visuals ARE a piece of that next level puzzle so it’s certainly […]

Do you REALLY need a website for your business?

do you really need a website for your business

YES – end of post. OK I could just leave it there but I want you to know WHY it’s this simple and why having a website that is absolutely essential for your business. So, let’s break it down into the key benefits of having a website to promote your business online… How do you […]

How to get more eyes on your business

how to get more eyes on your business and website to attract your dream clients

I wanted to share something that came up in a training I hosted recently… something that has had a number of people message me saying how it made them see their current business strategy in a different light. The thing that stuck was ‘Instagram may not be here tomorrow, but your website will be’. SO many […]

Branding and website design for just £500!


Ahhhh, the promise of getting those essentials sorted for your new branding. Those pretty graphics that will make you look professional. A proper business boss!

Why you shouldn’t be using Linktree for your bio link

why you shouldn't use Linktree for your instagram bio

Ok ok, this isn’t a ‘I hate Linktree’ post…well it kinda is but I want to help you with getting seen online and Linktree isn’t the way to do it! I’ll keep it short and sweet or I’ll go off on a tangent but essentially… You have multiple places you want to direct your audience […]

Showit vs WordPress for creative services

Showit website designer for creative businesses and entrepreneurs

So I’ve talked about this before but I realised I haven’t actually written a blog post on it yet, so here goes! I’ve previously been a WordPress girl so before you read this and think I’m slating it as a platform – I’m NOT! It’s actually really good, it’s why it’s generally seen as the […]

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